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Community Fund

The Kenwyn Community Fund has £40,000 available in 2023/24 available for eligible community projects. Applications will be accepted from 1st April 2023 with a closing date of 31st May 2023. Applications will be decided by 31st July 2023.  A second round of applications will be accepted from 1st September 2023 with a closing date of 31st October 2023.  Applications to be decided by 31st December 2023.

Groups can apply for grants as follows:

Match Funding is not a requirement.

Area of Benefit:

Projects and initiatives for which grants are requested must be located within and/or primarily benefit residents and communities in Kenwyn Parish Council area.

Project Purpose:

Priority will be given to educational, environmental and community projects or initiatives within the Kenwyn Parish Council area. These should be consistent with the principles of sustainable development and must deliver positive outcomes for the community living in the Kenwyn Parish Council area. In particular, funding will be available for:

Eligable Organisations:

Eligible organisations who can apply for funding include:

Organisations need to have a written constitution, or a set of rules, or a governing document and will need to have a bank or building society account with a minimum of two signatories in place before applying for a grant.

Organisations that have already received grants from the Fund can apply for further grants each year, including for projects or initiatives that already received a grant from the Fund. They can also submit more than one application to each round of the Fund.

Organisations that are not awarded grants are welcome to reapply for a grant for the same project or initiative in the next funding round, unless advised otherwise.


Grants will not be available for:

Judging Criteria

The main criteria used when assessing applications received will be:

Deadline for Applications

Applications will be accepted from 1st September 2022

The deadline for grant applications is 31st October 2022, and decisions will be confirmed by 31st December 2022 

Key Downloads

Other Community Information:

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