Precept 2018 - 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to explain how the rise in the parish element was calculated.

Our precept for 2018/19 will be £122,290.

The parish council looked very carefully at the precept figures and financial proposals for the next year and took some very difficult decisions.

We are coming under a number of financial pressures not least of which from Cornwall Council who wish to devolve a number of responsibilities and services to parish councils in order to save money. Cornwall Council state they cannot afford to run these services going forward and the communities such as ours will suffer as a result.

Weed spraying was discontinued by Cornwall Council in 2014/15 and our parish has begun to look unkempt, untidy and uncared for since that time. Last summer we carried out some weed spraying treatment in Shortlanesend and Threemilestone and we have decided that in order to try to improve our parish and its appearance we will extend this programme of weed spraying to cover the whole parish in the next financial year. We are identifying the areas that need treating and we will be gathering this information and getting quotes for this work early in 2018.

Chyvelah Ope Play Area – we have finally managed to get to point where we are going to have the whole area transferred to us for us to run, improve, update and manage. The land will come free of charge from Cornwall Council, but they have levied legal charges of £1250 on us for the legal transfer to take place. We hope, using S106 monies already identified, that we can update and improve this play area for the young people of that area. We will obviously incur further costs to insure this area and maintain it going forward.

Glenthorne Road Play Area, Threemilestone – we have, in principle, agreed to take over the ownership of this play area. We have set aside £10,000 for this and we are working closely with the Devolution Team at Cornwall Council to progress this transfer providing all our conditions are met.

Public Rights of Way – some years ago Kenwyn Parish had a wonderful network of public rights of way maintained by us. However, Cornwall Council underfunded this scheme for many years and we had to ‘top up’ the funds needed for this work. After unsuccessful negotiations with Cornwall Council we regrettably had to hand back our rights of way to that local authority to maintain. Little maintenance has taken place since.

We have decided to take this responsibility back on and subject to some conditions we will sign back up to the Local Maintenance Partnership in the next financial year. We hope that over time we can bring our paths up to the same wonderful standard as before. We have set aside money for this.

We wished to fund the installation of a CCTV System at Threemilestone Playing Field in order to try to combat the widespread, mindless vandalism and anti-social behaviour experienced there. However, there were a number of constraints to this and we have had to abandon these plans at this time as had we gone forward the precept would have risen even more. We hope this was the right decision but we will revisit this should our serious problems there continue.

Although the increase seems like a large rise it is in real terms a rise of £10,710. We hope you will appreciate that a lot of new houses have been built in Kenwyn Parish and they will absorb a lot of the increase per household. We do not intend to raise our precept significantly in the coming financial years.

We hope this explains the difficult decisions we have had to make regarding the parish element of the Council Tax for the coming year. We continue to strive to provide the best service to our parishioners and to look after the parish and its assets. We have agreed to the devolved services in order to try to improve our parish and make it a pleasant, clean and safe place to live and enjoy.