Bridleways (or paths which are also open to cyclists
and/or horse-riders): a minimum width of 2.5m and
height of 3.5m

Restricted Byways (or paths which are also open
to carriages): a minimum width of 3m and height
of 3.5m

Byways Open to All Traffic: a minimum width
of 5m and height of 3.5m

Persons wishing to tender for this work must have the required insurance, and be prepared to wear protective clothing where necessary. Users of chain saws must have the appropriate operating certificate.

A suggested width for a footpath is 1.5 metres with a height of 2 metres.

Single cuts:

Should by typically undertaken in July/August.

2 Cuts:

First cut should typically be undertaken in July and the second cut in September.

3 cuts:

These are to be undertaken at a time agreed by the contractor and the Parish Council.