Planning Committee

Cllr. B Hilton (Chairman), Cllr. S Horne (Vice Chairman), Cllr. J Dunn, Cllr. F J Dyer MBE, Cllr. K Polkinghorne, Cllr. J Shenton, Cllr. W Robinson, Cllr. Martin  


Finance & General Purposes Committee

Cllr. I Holroyd (Chairman), Cllr. J Shenton (Vice Chairman),Cllr. W Robinson, Cllr. S Horne, Cllr. Hilton, 1 Vacancy


Parks, Amenities & Open Spaces Committee 

Cllr. K Polkinghorne (Chairman), Cllr. J Dunn (Vice Chairman), Cllr. Martin, Cllr. Hilton, Cllr. S Horne, 1 Vacancy


Employment Committee

Cllr. I Holroyd (Chairman), Cllr. J Shenton (Vice Chairman), Cllr. W Robinson, Cllr. Hilton, Cllr. Horne  

Footpaths Committee

Cllr. W Robinson, Cllr. B Martin, Cllr. J Dunn, Cllr. J Shenton, Cllr. S Horne, 1 Vacancy 


Emergency Planning

All ward members where the emergency occurs or in the case of a significant emergency all members of the council.


Police Liaison Committee

Cllr. I Holroyd and 1 Vacancy


Threemilestone Community Centre

 Cllr. J Dunn & Cllr. Polkinghorne


Idless Woods

Cllr. F J Dyer MBE and Cllr. W Robinson


Truro & Roseland Community Network Panel

Cllr. Holroyd & Cllr. Hilton